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Over the last decade, Social Media has gained such popularity that it is now considered as an integral part of a business to have its representation on social media for reaching out to its customers directly, gaining their first hand feedback and for marketing purposes. Every marketing company has now incorporated social media in their marketing strategies along with the traditional push-marketing.

Social media marketing in Pakistan has gained a new shape and plays enormous role in terms of business marketing. The major reasons for popularity of this medium are cost efficiency, ease of use and gaining targeted audience. It is the type of marketing in which social media websites and applications such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, twitter etc. are used for posting advertisements, analyzing the customer reach on each product separately, gaining customer feedback and information about customer requirements.

Valens Creation serves as a marketing company that uses digital medium as a platform for marketing and advertising client’s products and services. This methodology has transformed and revolutionized the classical ways of marketing by introducing customer centric and solution focused techniques that can be customized from company to company, business to business, industry to industry as well as from product to product. We provide efficient solutions to companies by studying their products and services, their industry background, operations and marketing goals to provide the best possible services.

Being a social media marketing company, we know exactly how to make the best of social media and its popularity. We aim at providing prompt customer care and support service along with running advertisement campaigns. This helps the businesses to grow and find their potential customers by reaching out to them and interacting with them on their social media.

Valens Creation stands as top social media marketing company in Pakistan due to its efficient working methodology that includes building and managing social media accounts on every significant platform, keeping track of analytics, Expert analysis of the progress and post reach and updating the marketing plan according to changes in targeted audience, marketing plans and social media trends.